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  • Map of the Places I Worked in Alaska - Alaska is HUGE! When I look at this map, created for me in a collaboration between Melinda Bessett and Eric Johnson, I can hardly believe myself how lucky I was to travel throughout this magical land.  

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  • Once Upon a Time in India - A real meditation teacher is known by her good works. If you read my book, Frozen Voices, you know that I started meditating in 1989. A new world opened to me and in appreciation, I wanted to give back. Read more...

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  • Voice Evaluation Report and Treatment Materials - Voice Evaluation and Treatment This post completes the vocal therapy handouts. They are listed in the order you would use them. I’m not adding pages of paragraphs or lists of questions to use for conversational speech. Those items are readily available.  Of course, you would begin with having the client say their name, address, date of birth, where they were born, the days of the week, the months of the year; etc., all the automatic speech before proceeding to anything more difficult. If they can’t speak with a normal voice with automatic speech, revisit all the exercises necessary before proceeding. This document is an in-depth look at how to evaluate and treat a person with a voice disorder. The documents referred to in this PDF are in the previous post. Voice Protocol PDF for Website Voice Evaluation Report Now that Read more...

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