About Kit Roberts Johnson

Kit Roberts Johnson is an accomplished speech-language pathologist. She spent 31 years of her career honing her profession in Alaska, flying to isolated villages, and opening the largest private speech clinic in state history at the time. In her memoir, Frozen Voices, A Speech Therapist’s Alaskan Memoir, Kit invites her readers to experience the adventures and challenges she faced in The Last Frontier.

Kit explores the theme of the inherent dignity of all life, between men and women, people with and without disabilities, Native Alaskans and Colonizers, doctors and patients, and humans and animals. She discovers we have all been silenced in our own way by trauma. Beyond this wide view, she narrows her focus to the people she treated with communication disorders. They needed her help with fluency, voice, laryngectomy, dyslexia, brain injury, swallowing, developmental delays and more. For speech pathologists, she shares her extensive experience of private practice.

Kit currently lives in California with her husband, two dogs and one cat. She has a lovely stepdaughter. For fun she plays and sings with an all-ukulele group, and she continues to practice the meditation she learned in Alaska.

Kit is available as a speaker on the topics of

  • traveling in the Alaskan bush as a woman
  • the effects of sexual harassment and how to stop it
  • having a calling and following it no matter what
  • the experience of Supreme Consciousness and how it changes your life
  • the two-edged sword of isolation
  • anything having to do with speech-language pathologists and the people with whom they work

If you have any questions, feel free to contact her using this form.