Frozen Voices

Frozen Voices

Don't take speech for granted.

Kit Roberts Johnson knows what it is like to have a frozen voice. She knows what it is like for others to have their voices silenced, like children with Down Syndrome, or adults with stuttering. She became a speech therapist to help people with communication disorders and discovered over the span of her career that we have all been silenced in some way.

When she moved to Alaska in 1976, she worked with indigenous Alaskans who were just finding their voices after being silenced for generations. She never imagined the odyssey that her career as a speech-language pathologist would undergo for the next 31 years.

In her memoir, Frozen Voices: A Speech Therapist’s Alaskan Memoir, Kit invites her readers to experience the beauty, adventures, and challenges she faced in The Last Frontier to help others to speak. As she guided others to find their voices, she slowly recovered her own.

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