Need an inspirational and motivational speaker for your event?

Kit is at her best when she gives you her attention. From outrageous to gentle, humorous to caring, she will leave you with your own greatness. Her whole life followed the path she walked after an experience of light as a child, which awakened her compassion for people with communication disorders. She met that light fully as an adult and realized then, that we are all perfect. That doesn’t mean we don’t need help once in a while.

Caring about others in some way is why we are here, what we all came to do. Kit had a near death experience during an extreme illness, but it wasn’t her time to go. She knows the true worth of a human life and the need to do your duty no matter how much pain you feel. She even wrote a beautiful song for you about Alaska, which she will sing in person, Majestic Alaska. You’ll enjoy singing along on the refrain!

Kit is available as a speaker on the topics of:

  • anything having to do with speech-language pathologists and the people they work with
  • traveling in the Alaskan bush as a woman
  • the effects of sexual harassment and how to stop it
  • having a calling and following it no matter what
  • the experience of Supreme Consciousness and how it changes your life
  • the two-edged sword of isolation
  • the continuum of communication disorders that we all experience

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